Official goods of 「LOONA 1st Live "LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO"」 will be sold at the venue!! | Loona Japan


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Official goods of 「LOONA 1st Live “LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO”」 will be sold at the venue!!

2023.02.28 NEWS

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It has been decided that the official goods of 「LOONA 1st Live “LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO”」 to be held on March 3, 2023 will be sold at the venue!

“Let’s bring the official goods together to「LOONA 1st Live “LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO”」!


[Products for sale]


·Tote bag 2,200 yen
·T-shirt 3,500 yen
·Jumbo fan (11 types in total)  1,000 yen each
·Acrylic stand (11 types in total) 1,500 yen each
·Random can batch (11 types in total) 800 yen each
·Random photocards (22 types in total)  300 yen each


[Limited number of purchases]
·Random photocards (22 types in total): Up to 11 tickets can be purchased per person for each payment.

[Place of sale/time of sale]
Tachikawa Stage Garden 2nd Floor Goods Store

13:00-17:30 Anyone can buy it
18:00~after the performance ends Only those who have tickets for the performance on the day

[Payment method]
1) cash
2) Credit Card: VISA·Mastercard·JCB·American Express·Diners Club·Discover
3)transportation system IC
*Please note that you cannot use any payment method other than the above.
*Depending on the radio wave conditions and the congestion in the store, we may stop using credit card payments and transportation ICs.Please understand in advance.


[Cautionary Notes ]
*All items are limited in number and will be finished as soon as they are sold out.
*Pre-sale start time may change depending on the congestion on the day.
*Please note that we cannot return or exchange anything other than defective products.Please be sure to check the items, sizes, quantity, change, etc. you purchased on the spot.Please note that we will not be able to respond to complaints, change errors, declarations, or inquiries at a later date after leaving the store.
*We don’t have take-out bags.Thank you for your understanding.
*When purchasing LOONA OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK, please make sure to check the lighting before the performance starts.If you find a defect in the product, please show the receipt and the product to the staff at the product sales counter and tell them about the defect.
*The battery is not included in the LOONA OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK itself, so please purchase it separately.Also, if you are not using a penlight, please store the penlight body and the battery separately.
*You can exchange items only on the day of the event.
*We ask for your cooperation in following the instructions of the site staff when lining up at the waiting position for the goods.
*Please wear a mask at the goods sales venue and refrain from talking loudly.