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“LOONA 1st Live ‘LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO'” Official goods will be sold!

2022.09.25 NEWS

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[Place of Sale]
Tokyo Garden Theater Lobby Goods Sales Booth

[Sales Hours]
12:00~15:00 All people can buy
16:00~17:30 Only those who have tickets for the performance on the day can buy
18:00~after the performance All people can buy

*The announcement time may vary depending on the crowded situation.

[Venue sales precautions]
·Those who do not have tickets for the performance on the day can also purchase it.
·All products are limited in number, so the sale will end as soon as they are sold out.
·After purchasing, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for reasons other than defective products.Also, please make sure to check the items, quantity, and change you purchased on the spot.Please be aware that we cannot accept responses after leaving the store.
·If your body temperature exceeds 37.50 or you are not feeling well, please refrain from entering the goods sales venue.
“·We recommend that you use the “contact confirmation application” just in case.
·For the safety of our customers, we prohibit you from staying up all night.
·In order to prevent accidents and confusion on the day of the event, restrictions may be imposed without notice.Please understand in advance.
·Please disinfect your fingers when purchasing.
·Please thoroughly perform cough etiquette, wear a mask, wash your hands, and disinfect your fingers.
·Please always wear a mask.If you don’t wear a mask, you can’t enter.
·Please consider the “social distance” with people around you in crowded situations, and always try to maintain a certain distance.At the same time, please refrain from chatting in the hall or in the lobby.
·In accordance with the policies of the government and local governments, the contents of the performance, information to customers, and precautions are subject to change.
·If you fail to comply with the above information, or if you do not follow the staff, you may not be allowed to enter, or the performance may be temporarily suspended or canceled.Please be careful.