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【General public sale for Residents outside Japan ONLY】HULA HOOP / StarSeed ~ Kakusei ~

2021.10.27 NEWS

HULA HOOP / StarSeed ~ Kakusei ~ is now on sale for residents outside Japan.
Please purchase from the following site.
<Please note that ORBIT JAPAN exclusive benefits and other benefits are not included. >

[Products for sale]
HULA HOOP / StarSeed ~ Kakusei ~
① 3 types set
¥ 6930-Shipping fee is not included

② Regular Edition / First Press
¥ 1430-Shipping fee is not included

③ First Press Limited Edition A
¥ 2750-Shipping fee is not included

④ First Press Limited Edition B
¥ 2750-Shipping fee is not included
* Please check the sales site for details on products and shipping costs.
* The site also sells LOONA OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK.
* Since it will be delivered by EMS, some areas may not be delivered due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Please check the EMS delivery area before purchasing.

★ If you become an ORBIT JAPAN member before purchasing, you will receive a special mini poster when you purchase from the dedicated site.

[How to purchase from the ORBIT JAPAN exclusive sales site]
① Please join ORBIT JAPAN from the following site.
② Proceed to the dedicated mail order site from ORBIT JAPAN NEWS.
③ Follow the instructions on the sales site to complete the purchase procedure.
* Please note that once ordered, the item cannot be canceled.
④ We will deliver a mini poster of ORBIT JAPAN members-only benefits together with the product.

Let’s take this opportunity to join LOONA OFFICIAL FANCLUB “ORBIT JAPAN”!

* If you live in Japan, please purchase from UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE.