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(English)Japan debut from UNIVERSAL MUSIC on September 15th!

2021.06.27 NEWS

LOONA has started as a big project in which new members will be released one by one from September 2016, and it will take about two years to debut with 12 complete members in August 2018.  They released songs in solo-> unit-> complete, and attracted attention not only from Korea but also from overseas such as the United States with new concepts and strategies not found in previous idol groups. Moreover, LOONA is the first group belonging to small and medium-sized businesses got into the Billboard main chart’Billboard 200′, No. 1 on the iTunes 51 country album chart including the United States with her Mini-album ’12: 00′ (Midnight) released in Korea last year. Besides, LOONA is K-POP 12-member girl group that has cemented their place as a global girl group, such as succeeding in charting in the North American radio chart for 9 consecutive laps for the first time in the group, and is hot group.

The video that was Uploaded on YouTube premiere earlier was shot at Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson teamLab Borderless (Tokyo / Odaiba), and Beginning with a fantastic image with Hijin, who made her first debut in the group, surrounded by colorful butterflies. Then “FavOriTe”, which was released for the first time with 12 complete members and  performed by LOONA in the video expressed a performance in perfect order as if it correspond to a moving light that moves violently in all directions.
「Butterfly」, which became LOONA’s unique view of the world called LOONAverse a hot topic and spread the name of LOONA  all over the world,
is composed of two songs in which Twelve members filled with many flowers and gentle lights.
Furthermore, “2021.09.15 JAPAN DEBUT” was displayed at the end of the video, and it was announced that Universal Music would make LOONA’s  debut in Japan on September 15.

Product details will be announced later, and attention and expectations will increase as to how these women, who are attracting global attention, will spread their wings in the future.

Furthermore, in commemoration of the simultaneous distribution of “PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver.” In Japan, Korea and the United States at 18:00 on June 28 (Monday), LINE MUSIC decides that  by drawing lots LINE MUSIC presents  “LINE MUSIC Campaign Limited Member Selka Image” to those who listen  to “PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver.” a lot  from delivery date.
Moreover, By drawing lots LINE MUSIC presents “Autographed selka image with your name” to 24 people; who listen  to “PTT (Paint The Town) Japanese Ver.” a lot  from delivery date.
If you are interested , check out the official website of Universal Music ( https://www.universal-music.co.jp/loona/ ).


「PTT(Paint The Town)Japanese Ver.」配信URL:https://lnk.to/loonapttjp
※The above URL will be effective from the start of distribution on June 28 (Monday).

Debuted in August 2018 with the title song “Hi High”.
Starting with members “HeeJin” in 2016 with the slogan “We meet new girls every month”, Twelve members, including “HeeJin”,  such as “HyunJin” “HaSeul” “YeoJin” “ViVi” “Kim Lip” “JinSoul” “Choerry” “Yves” “Chuu”  “Go Won” and “Olivia Hye” will make their solo debut, showing a new form that overturns the conventional concept of idol groups and attracting attention. After that, the solo became a unit and debuted as a unit following the solo with “LOONA 1/3”, “LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE” and “LOONA yyxy” respectively. In August 2018, finally LOONA made their debut  in about two years.

The repackaged album “☓☓” (multiple multiple) released in February 2019 in South Korea topped the iTunes pop album chart and the iTunes America top album chart in 26 countries including the United States, Austria, Spain, and France. Approximately eight months after its release, in October, it returned to No. 1 on the iTunes America top album chart in the United States and became a hot topic.
In February 2020, the 2nd mini-album “#” (hash) reached No. 1 on the iTunes album charts of 57 countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, attracting many fans not only in Korea but also overseas.
A comeback with the mini album’&’ will be decided on June 28th.

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